Art, research of the pure beauty


Olga Duka was born in Kiev in June ’76. Her passion for art started in early childhood. At the age of 16 she was accepted at the College of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, where she become proficient in the use of different techniques such as oil and acrylic painting, graphics and tapestry.

The restructuring of Ukrainian society after the collapse of the Soviet Union, put the management of her personal life in conflict with her artistic career thus she had to put prioritising creativity aside for several years.

Olga moved to England in 2001 where she lived for almost four years. That was the period of the artist’s own Renaissance: the Cotswolds’ intimate surroundings, the gothic and the medieval atmosphere inspired the seeking of a pure beauty free from over-elaborate stylistic research.

The artist expresses her own trans-cultural background through a unique combination of styles that only at the surface, sometimes, recalls the medieval painting.

The static female figures are moved by an intense internal tension that slowly capture through the sight of the beholder their inner emotions.

The artistic production continued in Kiev in the period between 2005 and 2008, mostly dedicated to photography.

Her new life in Sicily, started in the summer 2008, led to a blooming of art works also inspired by the pastel colour of the Mediterranean landscapes.

Since 2012 the artist has lived in Drogheda, Ireland.

Unfortunately, most of the earlier art works have been sold before taking any record, however what is left still consists of an eclectic and descriptive scenario of the artist talent and potential.

New production is updated as soon as available, please visit the display sections of this website to find out the latest!

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Portrait of the artist